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GMSSSS, Mohri, Ambala, affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi . The school offers first class teaching-learning experience from Pre- Nursery to senior secondary grade to over 2000 students. Equipped with modern infrastructure, lush green gardens, sprawling sports ground and a host of subject specific laboratories, and the school provides a holistic and inclusive educational experience to the learner under the guidance of scholarly faculty of 20+ teachers.

The school helps in providing a favorable environment for socialization of the child, development of the spirit of independence and creating an identity of the child. The school is a childs window to the world.

For healthy and all round development of a child, the right balance between work and play in necessary. In fact one can follow a simple principal of work hard, play hard and be good. Honest hard work and perseverance are timeless mantras for success in any field. There are no shortcuts to achieving ones cherished dream. Rather, the pursuit of the goal becomes enjoyable when propelled by the dream itself. This struggle or journey to the mission is essential to learn the meaning of discipline and hard- work and to value the efforts of others too. By play hard. In mean joy in playing and cultivating a spirit of sportsmanship. Sport is not always about winning and losing, but about playing well. It helps in physical fitness and mental relaxation.